If you are visiting Montgomery Street Dental for dentures, chances are you will want to begin enjoying your new smile as soon as possible. Our dentist, Dr. Alireza Khoshvaghti, and our team offer immediate dentures in San Francisco, California. Dr. Khosh will place your new dentures during the same appointment as your extraction, if one is required, and our team will give you information on how to care for your new smile. We invite you to call 415-398-6344 for your appointment today.


What are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are removable dental appliances placed immediately after tooth extraction. They provide a temporary solution, allowing you to maintain function and appearance while your gums heal and permanent dentures are made. Immediate dentures help you avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of being without teeth, ensuring a smooth transition during the healing process. This approach offers immediate restoration of your smile, enabling you to speak and eat normally right after extraction.

What is the immediate denture procedure?

The immediate denture procedure involves taking impressions of your mouth before a tooth extraction. These impressions are used to create the dentures in advance. On the day of extraction, the immediate dentures are placed directly after the teeth are removed. This process ensures that you have functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth immediately, helping you to avoid the inconvenience of being without teeth during the healing period and promoting a quicker adjustment to your new dentures.

What are the benefits of immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures offer several benefits, including immediate restoration of appearance and function, protection of extraction sites and easier transition to permanent dentures. They help you avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth during the healing process and provide support for your gums as they heal, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery. Immediate dentures also allow you to adapt to dentures gradually, making the transition to permanent dentures more seamless and comfortable.

When are immediate dentures recommended?

Immediate dentures are recommended for individuals who need multiple teeth extracted and want to avoid the inconvenience of being without teeth. They provide a seamless transition, allowing you to maintain normal activities and confidence during the healing period. By offering an immediate solution to tooth loss, immediate dentures ensure that you can continue to eat, speak and smile without interruption, promoting a smooth and comfortable adjustment to your new dental situation.